Picard Faces Psychological Drama in New ‘Star Trek’ Series

On Star Trek , we hear a lot of “stardates,” meant to mark some futuristic date. An example is stardate The weird thing is that stardate Let’s go deep-nerd on this. In the original Trek TV series, stardates were, in a word, bogus. In the series bible, the Star Trek Guide , writers were basically told to wing it.

What Star Wars or Star Trek character would you make the BEST couple with?

Quick, describe the plot of your favorite Star Trek episode in one tweet. I did a bunch of them, and was having so much fun that I decided to do all of the episodes. I boldfaced the ones that I thought were particularly humorous.

“Alexa, ask Star Date Converter to get today’s star date” traditional Earth date in accordance with the formatting used in the recent “alternate” Star Trek movies.

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Star Trek on iPhone: 11 Apps for the Ultimate Movie Experience

Your ship is under attack by the borg. Your captain has been taken hostage. They have started boarding the ship. You are barely hanging on, what do you do next? You have been converted.

See if you can pick the correct brand or product being pitched by Star Trek stars in these vintage ads. Telephone dating service; Hallmark.

Star Trek has always celebrated diversity by bringing together people of different backgrounds while exploring space’s endless possibilities. Over the course of the franchise’s year history, great captains have lead that all-important mission including TOS’ s Prime Directive-defying James T. Cruz, who was asked which Sex and the City character he most identified with, had some trouble deciding which of the four best suited him. Meanwhile, Shatner couldn’t resist answering in the most Kirk way possible.

In the end, Shatner proved he is Captain Kirk through and through and landed on the flirtatious captain. Big up Jean-Luc,” Latif said. Check out the fun video above and then take our quiz below to find out which Star Trek captain you are. Mayor: Laura was ‘like a bad science fiction novel’. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Words We Know Because Of Star Trek

The interplanetary lothario is none other than Captain James Tiberius Kirk. In the original series, he was played by William Shatner, who never expected the show to be a success and never expected to be associated with the character decades later. In the film reboots, he is played by Chris Pine. Ambassador Spock, as he eventually became, was constantly conflicted by his logical Vulcan half and his emotional human half.

Leonard “Bones” McCoy was the chief medical officer, who shared a brotherly bond with Kirk and a slightly contentious truce with Spock. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott was an engineer on Enterprise and was well-known for his Scottish accent.

Apparently, this is thanks to a traumatic and life-changing calamity dating all the back to what we saw in J.J. Abrams’ first “Star Trek” movie.

The Big Bang Theory was a long-running CBS sitcom about four nerdy CalTech scientists the insecure Leonard Hofstadter, the severely empathetically challenged Sheldon Cooper — who fancies himself a kindred spirit to Spock and Data — , the sexist, yet also mama’s boy Howard Wolowitz, and the feminine but lovelorn Raj Koothrappali and the hot promiscuous girl Penny who lives across the hallway and whom Leonard carries a torch for.

Being passionate comic book collectors, the four scientists are also rabid science fiction fans and collectors of memorabilia, Star Trek and Star Wars in particular, resulting in a constant flow of Star Trek references throughout the entire run of the show, particularly in its middle seasons. This in itself is reflective of the status these two productions hold in the awareness of the general non-fan populace. A major recurrent secondary character on the show is the socially awkward and consistently strapped-for-cash Stuart Bloom, owner of the comic book store the four protagonists frequent, and who, in an instance of cross-fertilization, has the in-universe animal Stuart named after him.

AT : ” Choose Your Pain “. Non-performing alumni with formal Star Trek ties who made cameo appearances as fictionalized versions of themselves included D. When The Big Bang Theory concluded its twelve-season run in , it was officially reported by a proud CBS as the longest running multi-camera sitcom in US television history, [2] [3] though it was not the longest running live-action comedy series.

Even when Star Trek was not directly referenced to in the individual episodes, a multitude of its merchandise from various manufacturers was featured throughout the entire series as either props most notably uniforms and handheld props, thereby constituting something akin to product placement , background set dressings in the homes of the four scientists or as merchandise in Stuart Bloom’s comic book store. This merchandise originated from the archives of CBS Consumer Products , where it is habitually kept.

Upon the the passing of Leonard Nimoy in February , The Big Bang Theory paid tribute to the Spock performer in the season 8 episode ” The Colonization Application “, aired on 11 April , by closing out with a final end title card that read “The impact you had on our show and on our lives is everlasting. Aside from being referenced to on numerous occasions in prior and later episodes of the show, both as performer as well as his Spock alter ego, Nimoy had already made his voice-over appearance on the show in the season 5 episode ” The Transporter Malfunction ” which had aired on 29 March Gilda says that she slept with Sheldon because of his completely accurate pon farr imitation, to which Sheldon responds with the Vulcan salute.

Which Star Trek Command Character Is Most Like You?

Fun-loving, a little crazy, but compassionate and caring. Smart, logical, and calm under pressure. Gifted, curious, and confident. Grumpy, but sweet and kind when people get to know you. At a party! Staying home and reading.

0 quiz, what character you ehh? Proprofs quiz results page. Glee prom date. By the star trek universe are you a personality quiz! Quiz: selector quizzes, you.

Star Trek uniforms are costumes worn by actors portraying personnel from the fictitious organization Starfleet in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. Costume design often changed between various television series and films, especially those representing different time periods, both for appearance and comfort.

Deliberately mixing styles of uniforms from the various series was occasionally used to enhance the sense of time travel or alternative universes. The rank system of the Star Trek universe resembles that of the United States Navy and many Commonwealth of Nations navies, in contrast to other science fiction franchises that use an army ranking system. While these were originally planned to follow the U.

Navy and Coast Guard model, to avoid an overly flashy or militaristic look the pattern was modified. In later movies based on The Original Series , ranks are indicated by pins on a shoulder strap and the left sleeve. These are unique symbols for each rank like those worn universally by officers in all branches of the U. Armed Forces.

Quiz: Can You Name the Star Trek Character From a Single Sentence?: HowStuffWorks

Kirk as lieutenant commander and chief medical officer. By the time he retires, he is an admiral and has the honor of touring the USS Enterprise-D, at the ripe old age of ! Spock first appears in “The Cage,” the first pilot for the first “Star Trek” series. The character of Spock is the link between three iterations of “Star Trek.

Both the The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek franchises are (in part) owned by CBS They wonder what time date to travel to and Sheldon suggests to Leonard Penny that he found an online quiz called “Which Star Trek character are you?

Few television stars can claim to have a career spanning seven decades. Even fewer can be recognized by one name alone. The venerable James T. Kirk has gone on to do so much more, from music to commercials. To celebrate all things Shatner, see how well you know his work. Trivia s. Good luck! Your Result Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque nec ante ipsum.

Star Trek Into Darkness: Test your trivia credentials by playing our fiendish Star Trek quiz

Chekov first appears in “Amok Time,” the Season 2 premiere of the original series. In the Original Timeline, although he is assigned to the USS Enterprise earlier, Ensign Pavel Chekov doesn’t show up onscreen until the second season of the original series. The network wanted someone hip to attract younger viewers, so creator Gene Roddenberry came up with the Russian character of Chekov, giving him a mop-top akin to the Beatles and the Monkees.

Louis, winning several competitions.

Tell Us About Yourself and We’ll Reveal the Initials of Your Future Prom Date you a hint: you’ll get to know the initials of that future someone with this quiz. Star Wars. Star Trek. The Chronicles of Narnia. Advertisement. Continue the Quiz​.

Question 1. While there he ate three cheeseburgers generated by the holodeck program. Is Commander Riker hungry after he ends the program? Question 2. We know that speed in space is relative, there is no absolute speed. Question 3. The Replicator. How much energy would the Enterprise have saved in seven years if they used a dish-washing machine, rather than creating glasses from atoms each time and dissolving them afterwards?

Can you tell what the cast of Star Trek is selling in these vintage ads?

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Originally pitched as a classic adventure drama in the s, Star Trek consistently brought This quiz has over fifty years of “Star Trek” characters. He enjoys deep-sea diving, constructing starships in orbit and inter-species dating.

Karen vs. Becky Learn The Difference! Star Trek is one of the most beloved science fiction television franchises to ever air. Debuting in with Star Trek: The Original Series , this long-running franchise is about the crew of a starship spaceship , the USS Enterprise , as it explores the deepest depths of outer space. Along the way, the crew meet new life forms, get into all kinds of hijinks , and battle for their lives.

The show is particularly known for the way it implicitly and explicitly addresses issues of race; in fact, the original series featured one of the first multiracial casts on American television. Over time, the Star Trek franchise—which now includes movies, books, comics, and even an animated series—has had an enormous influence on popular culture. There are dozens of terms that Star Trek has contributed to the English language. Read on if you dare. It was written by Samuel A.

Peeples, a prolific television writer best known for his Westerns. The expression itself made its way into the voiceover by Captain James Tiberius Kirk played by William Shatner that opened every episode of the original run of show:. Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.

Are You More Star Wars Or Star Trek?

Set IQ to stunning for these Trek Testers. Resistance is futile! Okay, Trekkies of every Quadrant — time to step up to the transporter pad for this test of your Trek trivia. These fiendish questions will prove once and for all if you really are a smirking Kirk or Spock in shock.

Named after the Trill symbiont central to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Put him to the test with the Quizner’s Trek Quiz app series.

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Toughest(?) Star Trek Trivia Questions

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