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If you are struggling with any part of the process, please click the link above and read through the parts that are giving you trouble! There are more pictures and every little bit of nitty-gritty included. Your link will only work if it ends with a. If it has a. What time is that for me? Or, check out our Countdown Timer! We will not be able to see or reveal your work if you save it as a draft, and it will not count as being submitted! For those of you who need more assistance as you prepare to post, , read on for more specific instructions:. Emma choked on her apple cider and coughed loudly.

Love is a commitment.

Tumblr has been one of the most famous social media platforms and the million blogs and billion posts Dec, stats will vouch for its popularity. You can either create your own blog on the site and post all kinds of cool stuff or follow other blogs that interest you. It is an effective tool for bloggers who are into visual and images rather than lengthy text posts. To that end, we have got for you today tips, tricks and tools to help you get the most out of your Tumblr blogging experience.

Already, the company says it’s identified nearly blogs that were banned Tumblr now removes reblogs in violation of its hate-speech policy, not just We’​ve listened to your feedback and have reassessed how we can more Hate speech is not conducive to that,” the company’s announcement read.

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If youre reading this were dating tumblr

Earlier this month, Tumblr revealed that it had recently become aware that user addresses and salted and hashed passwords dating back to had fallen into the hands of hackers. We recently learned that a third party had obtained access to a set of Tumblr user email addresses with salted and hashed passwords from early , prior to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo. As soon as we became aware of this, our security team thoroughly investigated the matter.

Special thanks to @true-queen-of-mischief:) Requests are open. Harry Potter X Summary: You’re Esme’s little sister and married to Finn Shelby. Close to him.

Shot on a super 8 real film camera! I had a vision, Ryan was a yes, and the rest is history. He and his team made the making of this video so fun and effortless, and now I am so stoked to finally get to share it with you all! I felt strongly that having a visual would bring this song to life…I think it worked. I try not to force myself to write anything, I tried that once and it was a disaster.

All the songs that have ever ended up on my albums: good, bad, fan favorites, hits or not, have always come from the heart, they feel right. Like they belong.

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Legit just want to be in a countryside hotel, with a fireplace, a roll top bath, some gorgeous lingerie in my bag, beside a man I really fancy, only leaving for a walk wrapped up in layers of jumpers and scarfs, and bottle of red in a proper cosy dark pub with the windows steamed up. Have you tried using one of the apps targeted to those in the kink community such as Whiplr? Your daughter sounds fabulous. Ask her about her achievements at work, or in other aspects of her life, and encourage other family members to do the same.

I went on two dates with this guy a couple of months ago and we got on really well. Especially in a time where ghosting has become so terribly normal.

scishow: “scishow: “If you’re reading this, then you’re a member of the SciShow community. And now’s your chance to make the community even better! SciShow​.

For queer youth, Tumblr had it all, and then some …. Content warning: This article contains brief mention of addiction. Finding it hard to make friends in middle school, she transferred schools in Grade 9. Despite her anxiety and severe ADHD, she was still an outgoing kid who yearned to be social and joke around. She desperately wanted to make friends and meaningful relationships with her peers, but was terrified of coming off as gay.

Born and raised in Cobourg, Ont. So, like so many closeted teens do, she turned to the internet, looking to connect with anyone like her or who felt how she did. She has always been someone who loves learning and reading, and wants to experience everything. Users could upload and share text, visual and audio content. Those who inhabited the site during their most formative years appropriated it into something much, much more. Alex McKay, executive director of the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, has been studying human sexuality for over 30 years.

You can reach out and find people that you can communicate with, you can find a community. Hart also noted that most of the young, heterosexual people that participated in the study were more interested in developing intimate friendships, as opposed to the relationships sought by queer participants. Not only did Michelle access queer content, but also learned about issues facing trans youth, other sexualities and topics like slut-shaming and guilt.

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Also I talk about Armin a lot. As an FYI. In general, feel free to ask me any questions. Click here for full navigation if you’re on mobile! Though, I generally try to keep things positive, if you don’t want to see negative discussion, feel free to block those tags! Any informative statements are just my theorizing or reading too much all of the time.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Shielded Heart: How To Stop Yourself If youre going to stay, stay forever (love quotes, life quotes, life But now I smile when I look at you, when I think about you, love quotes | Tumblr Feeling Weak, How Are You Feeling, Proud Army Girlfriend.

Turns out the number at the end means something, and can be changed so you can go to the general tumblr tags for any date you specify. What this number means roughly is the number of seconds that have passed since midnight January 1, , GMT. It is also called Unix time and is a standard way of calculating timestamps for anything that is unix-based. The first thing you need to know is what a post id is. A post id is the number that is part of every tumblr post url, and is I assume a count of the total number of posts which have been made on tumblr ever at the time the post was made.

For this post, the post id is One thing that is important to know about tumblr is that while you CAN change the date shown for a post on your tumblr theme, you CANNOT change the post id – it is static even if you edit everything else about the post even if you change your url, the post id will be the same, even if you delete the text after the post id in the url, your browser will still find the post.

If I wanted to see what was on my dashboard at the time I originally made this post, I would enter this url:.

Tumblr now removes reblogs in violation of its hate-speech policy, not just the original posts

When you sign up for Tumblr, it can be a little overwhelming. What is Tumblr and how does Tumblr work? What do you do on Tumblr and how do you post on Tumblr? We’ll answer all those questions and more in this article explaining how to use Tumblr.

Dan’s tumblr answers Here are typed-up versions of all of Dan’s tumblr effort to put them in date order, because most of them are missing dates anyway. Most of these answers have been deleted (and now exist only in You can read my youtube comments or just look at my facebook/twitter to see this.

So no spoilers either. Thank you. Hey, my online is Alex. Ever Me: I love fantasy movies and TV shows, I play open-map video games plus ever some first person shooter games, and I enjoy art and creative culture. Ask me if you want more info. Intelligence is ever important to me, I want someone who has at ever decent social skills and can sipping in-depth and unfair conversations with. It would help if we have some things in common but not a requirement, different is good.

Looking for friends or idk a gf im from Minnesota ever be moving to Georgia next year. Hmu zoeynicole. Looking for a online although no one will probs wine me. I play a site instruments and am just obsessed with music in general so if you wanna recommend songs, please do.

How Tumblr’s ‘Am I a Lesbian?’ Google Doc Became Internet Canon

Have you done it? Are they low? Act III is going swimmingly! Parts of Act II had the same journey!

Furthermore, my motive in writing this entry is to capture a sense of who I am On March 17, I released Restaurant Kid, my favorite project to date. I’m usually the kind of guy who laughs internally when I’m reading/watching stuff alone, but in Now, I have no idea what their life circumstances were, but it.

Tumblr stylized as tumblr and pronounced “tumbler” is an American microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in and currently owned by Automattic. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private.

As of August 12, , Tumblr hosts over million blogs. Development of Tumblr began in during a two-week gap between contracts at David Karp ‘s software consulting company, Davidville housed at Karp’s former internship with producer-incubator Fred Seibert ‘s Frederator Studios , which was located a block from Tumblr’s current headquarters. As no one had done so after a year of waiting, Karp and developer Marco Arment began working on their own tumblelogging platform.

In early June , Tumblr featured its first major brand advertising campaign in conjunction with Adidas , who launched an official soccer Tumblr blog and bought placements on the user dashboard.

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But these are some of the most original and amusing usernames aroundEasy and unfortunately, a lot of the aesthetic usernames we gave in are now taken! So we Because reading your ex girlfriend’s tumblr would just be depressing.

I will never, ever, ever get tired of ONE turning shonen expectations on their heads. Probably not because I never posted it lol. Protip: if youve doodled smth u want to post but holy hell is it rough, add sidebars so tumblr makes the image smaller. Originally posted by nctjay. Keep reading. Surely one day. So to admit that he is struggling while Nook is not would be to admit defeat.

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